When you want the truth call the professionals at Viking Private Investigation Services. With highly accurate surveillance equipment, all your questions will be answered.

Indigent Defense Services

Licensed private investigators are essential in providing your IDS clients with the best defense possible. So call our professionals today.

Infidelity / Domestic Investigations

Do you suspect your partner is unfaithful? Do you need assistance with your custody matter? Viking Private Investigations can help you get the facts.

Background Check

We provide comprehensive background checks to include: Criminal records, references for businesses, former employment, landlords, and any business or individual who needs that extra security!

Missing Persons

Our private investigators have successfully reunited families and located potential witnesses in pending civil and criminal matters. We get the job done! If you have a missing persons case contact us today!

Criminal Investigations

Criminal investigations are like puzzles that need to be pieced together, choosing the wrong professional for the job can be costly. Viking Private Investigations can ensure you detail oriented, unbiased facts so you can make the best decision in your client's case.

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